WWE NXT Results and Video Highlights: Dream Match at Main Event

Today the episode of NXT was much better after a big win in Survivor Series. The company planned very good things. Good matches to good segments were also seen. Well, let’s know about the results of all the matches in WWE NXT.

# Beginner segment

The show began with the Undisputed Era segment where Keith Lee, Dominique, Siempa, Matt Riddle and Finn Baylor were also featured. Because of this segmentation, we saw the big match between Baylor and Siempa being teased. Keith Lee later took the mic, calling the undiscussed Era in the ring for the match.

# Undiscussed Era vs Keith Lee and Dominic Dyzakovich (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

The era started attacking from the beginning without losing time. It is later revealed that Bobby Fish has been injured and after this, the general manager replaced Roderick Strong in the match. The match was very good but there was interference even in the end. Adam Cole lost Dominic’s attention. Undisputed took advantage of this and pinned them to victory.

Result: Undisputed Era defended the championship

# Shane Thorne vs Mansour

Mansoor returned to the ring after a long time and his return was really good. In this short match between Mansoor and Shane, the Saudi Arabian superstar had the upper hand. In the end, Mansoor pinned Shane with the help of a neck breaker.

Result: Mansoor defeated Shane with the help of pinfall

# Candice Lere vs Dakota Kai

This was the first match of the Women’s Division. Lere and New Heal Dakota face to face. Kai entered in a new theme song and new style. The match went well but in the end when Lere tried to make a suicide dive from the top rope, but Dakota put a ‘nee brace’ in front of him. Because of this, the match ended with the help of disqualification. The attack did not stop even after the match.

The result: Candice Lorre won through disqualification.

# Leo Rush vs Akira Tozawa (NXT Cruiserweight Championship match)

During the match, there were many high-flying moves. Both superstars performed well. During the match, it was felt that on one occasion we would get to see a new champion. In the end, Leo Rush won with two consecutive ‘Frog Splash’.

Result: Leo Rush defended his championship

# Finn Baylor vs Tommaso Siempre

We got to see this dream match at the NXT main event. Every fan would have liked this match. Both superstars performed well. Finally, we got to see the interference of NXT champion Adam Cole. Finn Baylor took advantage of this and applied a sidelock to Siempa on the NXT championship belt. Baylor then won by applying his finisher 1960.

Result: Finn Baylor defeated Ciampa with the help of pinfall

Adam Cole came into the ring after the match and finned Baylor. But perhaps the former Universal champion did not like this thing, so at the same time, Finn Baylor attacked him. The show thus ended in a tremendous end.

# Zaya Lee vs Vanessa Borne

This match was too short. From the beginning to the end, Zaya Li had an upper hand. In the end, Zaya Li had a tremendous kick. With this, he won the match easily. After the match, we again got to see a brawl.

Result: Zaya Lee defeated Vanessa Bourne

After the match, both superstars were attacked by horsewomen. Shayna Bazzler then stated that when she defeated Bailey and Becky Lynch, each fan was chasing Riya Ripley’s chants while they won the NXT in the main event. Riya Ripley then came in the ring and challenged Shaina to the title. Shaina walked out of the ring after this. Thus the end of the settlement.


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