Magical Oil For Hair {Follow This Home Process}

By | August 8, 2019

Magical Oil For Hair:- To belong, thick, soft and shiny of hair, not only girls but also boys. But nowadays, the deteriorating lifestyle has a direct effect on our hair. That is, nowadays the problem of hair loss, breakage and roughness have become a common problem nowadays. What do people do nowadays to get long hair? But still, there is some lack of something.

It is important for you to know for long hair that after all, you are making any mistakes that make your hair so flawed. At the same time, it is also necessary to know which are the health measures that you can take and increase your hair growth. To get long hair, not only the use of good products, but also the proper care of the hair is also important.

How much protein is needed

Beautiful hair looks good not only in appearance but also in our personalities. Protein has an important role in making hair beautiful and long. Protein diet works to enhance the beauty of your hair. Hair is made from proteins called keratin and you can keep your hair shiny, strong and beautiful by taking proper protein in the food. That is, the biggest reason for the breakdown of hair is not shampoo, but there is a shortage of nutrients in the body. It is very important to keep the amount of protein in the body right. So include things in your diet that contain a large amount of protein.

Magical Oil For Hair || How To Make

Today we are telling you a remedy to lengthen hair in a few days. For this, you do not have to buy anything from the market. Rather, you will find everything very easily in your kitchen. To make this, mix the mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, and castor oil together and prepare a mixture.

Now get raw amla good juice in a vessel. After this add the juice of straw leaf juice, jasmine powder, Bhrigraj, and Brahmi leaf juice well together. Now mix them all in the finished oil. Now cook it for about half an hour on a light flame. Fill the water in the bottle on the fly and then leave this mixture as it should for 1 day. Massage your hair with light hands from the next day with this mixture. By doing this for only 3 days you will see the difference in your hair.

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