How To Make Our Face Clean And White

By | July 24, 2019

How To Make Our Face Clean And White:- With a beautiful face and a healthy skin, if the color is blonde, then such a person seems more attractive.

This is what we believe in Indians. Perhaps the white color attracts us more, so if a person’s nuns are good, but his color is not very white, then we do not consider him as very beautiful because we have a lot of attraction towards white color.

That’s why people use cosmetics to be white. If you have the same problem with you and you are tired of using different cosmetics to make your color white, then follow the home remedies.

By adopting home remedies, skin, healthy, glowing, fare and no reaction is also done. Today, we are telling you that some of the prescriptions that you pick up take the color clean and fair.

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Honey –

The skin works as a tonic for the skin. By eating honey and applying it, skin becomes glow. Take a small spoon of honey to make the skin white.

Put it on the face. Massage with light hands and leave for a while. Wash the face while drying. Do this at least twice a day. Within two weeks you will start to notice the color of your face.

Orange –

Orange is rich in vitamin C. It is considered to be very good for skin. The skin becomes healthy even by eating and applying oranges. Put the orange juice on the face daily to clean the skin color. Wash it on drying. If there are stains on the face then use orange peels. Make powder by drying the orange peels in the shade. Mix this powder in a spoonful of raw milk and put it on the face. The color will start flying.

Raw milk –

Milk works toner for skin. Massage the face of raw milk with light hands. Wash the face while drying. The color will be blond.

Papaya –

Well, it is considered hot for papaya, but it is very beneficial for skin. There is plenty of antioxidant and vitamin A in it. That’s why there are many benefits to applying papaya along with it. Grind a piece of papaya to make skin white. Put this thick paste on your face. Keep this paste on face for an hour. Then wash the face. When this recipe is repeated regularly, the color starts to become fair.

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Some More Usefull Items

Basil – Tulsi is the gift of God. It does not just cure diseases, but also works tonic for skin. Take some basil leaves and make their juice. Massage the face with its light hands. Let it stay awhile and then wash the face with lukewarm water. By doing this everyday, gradually the color becomes white.

Rose Water: Rose is the easiest and cheapest way to clean water. To make rose water at home, put rose petals in the water. Mix quickly with water and make a paste for quick benefits. Leave in water for one day. Washing the face with this water causes the color of the face to become pink.

Turmeric – In turmeric, Ayurveda is considered to be the best medicine to enhance color. Mixing a pinch of turmeric in the milk also results in color. Mixing turmeric in gram flour is also used to glow the face.

Curd – Curd is full of many types of nutrients. The benefits of both eating and applying curd are visible on the face. Massage the face with a teaspoon curd every morning. Wash the face after drying. By doing this recipe regularly, the color turns green and the pimples are also eliminated.

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Cucumber – Cucumber is a potent fruit, which must be eaten once a week. Also, cucumber skin is also considered to be very beneficial. By eating it, the heat of the body goes away. To make skin glowing, make a cucumber juice on the face or make cucumber paste.

Lemon – works like a miraculous medicine for lemon skin. Apply a lemon juice on the face to color. Wash the face after some time. By applying tomato juice in lemon juice, the skin gets cleansed and the color starts to become white.

Use This For More Better Results

Tomatoes – Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. That is why it is very beneficial for skin. If you are troubled by soya, then grind tomatoes and put it on the face. The scars of the face will be removed and the color will begin to shine.

Potato – If you have black spots on your face then massage them lightly with potato slices. Place the potato juice on the face. Applying it on face every day, the face disappears.

Coconut water – Coconut water is very effective. Therefore, drinking coconut water daily starts to shine face. Washing face with coconut water removes stains. Applying on the face by making a paste of coconut, the color starts to peel.

Egg – Applying the yellow part of the egg i.e. the yolk on the face becomes color white. Mix honey and lemon into the egg. Wash the face with cold water when the pack is dry. Skin glow will start.

Watermelon – consumption of watermelon is extremely beneficial in the summer. There is a lot of water and nutrients in it. Regular consumption of the body keeps freshness and coolness. Put on the face with a small piece of watermelon. Leave for an hour and then wash the face.

Milk and Saffron – If you can not take extra time to care for your skin, use milk and saffron. Grind saffron leaves in some milk. Face massage with this milk. Leave it for 15 to 20 mins Then wash the face. The color disappears and the face glows.

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