How To Apply For New Aadhar Card Or Download Old Aadhar Card

By | July 23, 2019

Welcome to your Help Guru Group, I would like to make a new card, create your card, add a new card.

New Aadhar card applies Today, I will tell you some important information about Aadhar Card Kaise Banaye.

I would like to know about the Aadhar card and how important it is.

Most important in India and all the work was done by the identity card but since the Aadhaar card process has started, the identity card has remained necessary till the mere vote.

The Aadhaar card has been important all over the place nowadays the base is an important role in the loan, new sim card, documents, ration shop, income tax, etc.

And everywhere now the Aadhaar card for any work is only made available for the Aadhaar card Importance can tell those people very well.

whose base card has not yet been formed.

They will have to face the problem without any basis, they will know that in today you will have the basis Mr. Hu says many important things.

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You do not have an Aadhar card and if you want to create an Aadhaar card then you have to have some documents.

You can apply for Aadhaar card only by them.

Documents required for forming Aadhaar card

  • Identity Proof (Identity certificate)
  • Address Proof (Address Certificate)

To know more about the documents required for the Aadhar card.

you can get the complete information on the documents required to make the Aadhar card.

Where to apply for AADHAR CARD?

Friends, if you have not yet created Aadhaar card and you want to apply for a new Aadhaar card.

you will have to take your two identification cards along with your nearest Aadhaar card center.

It is made absolutely free and if you are close If you apply for a base on e-friend, then you have to pay about Rs 100

Aadhaar card centers will be found in every state, district, tehsil, etc. and e-friends will get you in every city or village from where you can apply for Aadhaar

After application, the Aadhaar card always comes by post and it may take some days

For the Aadhaar card, you will get the form from the base station.

The form is given free of cost if you want to download the form of Aadhar card online.

It will also save you time and your base card will be ready immediately.

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Rules for making Aadhar cards

1. To make Aadhar card, you can apply for Aadhaar card only once. Once you have made the Aadhar card.

you can not apply for Aadhaar card again.

2. Fill all information in the form of Aadhar card properly.

and clearly, because the information given by you is checked in the base office and the same information is printed on the Aadhaar card.

3. Your Permanent Use in the form of the form The mobile number will be sent to your phone on Massage and Email

4. It can take 7 days to 60 days to build.

5. After the formation of Aadhaar card, the Aadhaar card is sent by post (post) to the address you filled in the form

6. If for some reason you have not reached the Aadhaar card and you need Aadhaar card then you can withdraw the online Duplicate Aadhar card from the base number on the mobile.

How To Apply For Adhar Card

1. On the base station, you should take the necessary documents with you.

And take the form of the new Aadhar card application form it and fill it correctly and all information sought in it is correct

2. Scan your photo, fingerprints, and eyes from the machine at the base station.

whose information will be added to your Aadhaar card

3. Afterwards, you will be given a receipt from there.

Enrolment Number and the details given by you will be there, you can check that it is not a mistake.

4. Keep a good handle on the basis of the receipt you receive.

Once your base is formed then you can withdraw the Duplicate Aadhar card with the help of Enrolment Number written in this receipt.

Friends are hopeful that I have given you the information about the Aadhaar card today that you would like it.

You can comment for more information.

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