About 2,000 years ago in a far-flung province in the Middle East a man emerged from the desert with a message one that would radically alter the course of world events and get to limit the participation of billions Faith is a monotheistic religion that centers on the teachings of Jesus Christ believed to be the son of an almighty Universal God.

That is for faith in Christ Christ and his education that believers have path to God and immortality the Christian religion began about 2,000 years ago in the province of Judea in the Middle East it was a sect of the overarching religion at the time Judaism and originally had a very few followers what’s known about Christianity’s earliest days and therefore the lifetime of prophet comes from four books known as the Gospels hold that Savior was born within the 1st decade BC within the region of Judea.


His father was called Joseph and his mother was called Mary according to custom Jesus did immaculately conceived by God in some accounts Jesus had been trained as a carpenter or a builder however by the age of thirty he took to preaching language that forgiveness of past sins was the key to achieving morality but the Jewish non secular leaders associated Roman rulers of the region declared Savior a fomenter they’d him inactive and crucified nailed to a picket cross and left to die.

However, the story of Jesus doesn’t end with his death according to the Gospels the body of Jesus was resurrected by God his father


If Jesus had built the foundations of the Christian religion it absolutely was a Greek-speaking somebody named Paul UN agency created it a faith per Paul God unconcealed prophet to him during a vision Paul then reborn to Christianity associated created it his mission to check Christ’s teachings as an establishment by establishing churches across the empire Paul’s actions catapulted Christians from a mysterious someone sect to a society of worshipers with reach across the known world over the next two millennia Christianity would go through an unprecedented journey scriptures.

so as the Gospels would be deduced and translated to form Church’s sacred texts the Bible the Protestant faith would branch to various categories and be studied by followers in all seven continents and the number of Savior Christ’s followers would grow to 2 billion creating Christianity the world’s largest faith whereas non secular apply ritual and tradition have modified per the divine desires and wishes of its billions of followers worldwide a people from Judea is simple to note of peace and mercy remains just as powerful soon as it did 2,000 years ago.


After returning to God, his serious illness was cured and his business also started to flourish.

Filled with zeal, he pledged to repay the love of God throughout his life. For many years, he often donated money to the church, and when he had time, he would go out to evangelize. His enthusiasm was evident to all.

Then unexpectedly, a sudden misfortune struck him: he met his Waterloo in business and resulted in overnight bankruptcy. And he also fell ill at the same time.

Facing all this, he sincerely prayed to God for his mercy. But God did not treat him like before.

During that time, people in her church said that she must have offended God and would be sacrificed by God.

That night, he prayed to God and prayed: “Oh God! Where are you, have you really forgotten me?”

He concluded that God had indeed abandoned him. He wondered how in the past God’s grace always followed him in everything he did, but suddenly he was without God’s protection. If it was not due to the sacrifice of God, then what was the reason for this?

Thus, he lived between the victim and the helpless and did not know how to cope with all this. So he stays at home and sits all day.

One day, several sisters came to visit him. He taught her two passages of the teachings and resolved her complaints and God’s misgivings.

The passages read by him were as follows: “My people, when you fall into the temptations of divers, celebrate all this with joy; Knowing that your faith efforts work. But do his right thing with patience, that you can be complete and complete, want nothing ”(James 1: 2–4). “stupid kid! You always feel that some lucky words count as my blessings, yet do not think that bitterness is one of my blessings. Those who share in my bitterness will surely share my sweets. This is my promise and my blessing to you “(” The first fortress to use God for the entire universe “).

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