Wwe Smackdown Results Of 6th December 2019 { Matches And Segment }

Roman Rance VS Dolph Ziggler

Roman has entered. Ziggler has also arrived. The match has started. Ziggler’s deception attacked Roman’s knee. Outside the ring, Ziggler throws Roman onto the steel step. Ziggler kicked. Roman tries to make a comeback but Ziggler hits him in the barricade. Roman gave Ziggler out of the ring with two close lines. Ziggler kicks Kick Roman. King Corbin has arrived now.

Lacey Evans VS Hailey Jones

As expected, the match did not last long. Lacey wins this match. But after this Sasha Banks entered. Sasha again said not to get involved with him. Sasha also made bad about Lacey’s daughter. Lacey gets angry and also threatens Sasha. Lacey scares Sasha in the middle of the ring and leaves after this. Bailey attacked Lacey from behind on the stage, and Sasha then kicked. Ziggler then kills DDT. Roman kills Superman Punch. Ziggler also covered by hitting Jick Jack. But the Romans survived. Corbyn intervened but Roman killed him with a Superman Punch. Spear then won the match by hitting Ziggler. Corbin’s security outside the ring attacked Roman. Roman also beat him in the ring. Corbin came and attacked Roman again. Outside the ring, Corbyn is thrown by Roman to the Announce table. But Ziggler kicks him. After this everyone grabbed and handcuffed the Roman rance. Then Corbin and Ziggler mock him. Together they put dog food on Roman Rance’s mouth and asked him to eat.

Fatal 4th Match Elimination Match (The one who wins will face New Day at TLC)

Shorty and Ali entered first. Lucha House Party came after this. The Revival followed. Heavy Machinery entered after this. New day commentaries are present in the box. The combat has started. Lucha initially performed brilliantly but the heavy machinery eliminated him. After a lot of struggle, The Revival subsequently eliminated the heavy machinery. Ali and Sharty Ji throw Revival on top of New Day. Shorty killed Wilder with three suplexes. Ali and Sharty Ji performed brilliantly but in the end, the Revival won. The revival got its move at the end of Shastri Ji.

Win the revival

Drake Maverick’s segment

Maverick has called Ilyas for the match. But Ilyas beat him badly. And counted Dana Brook into the ring.

Mandy Rose vs Alexa Bliss

Mandy Rose also stars Sonya Devil. Nikki Cross is with Alexa Bliss. The fight between the two has started. Alexa kills the punch. Outside the ring, Mandy kicks a superb kick to Alexa. Mandy pulled Alexa’s hair badly inside the ring. Bliss tried to rollup. Bliss hits a dropkick. Sonya tries to interfere but Nikki jumps on them. Alexa then won the match with a finishing move.

Alexa won the match

 Segment Of Miz

Miz: Everyone saw what happened in last week’s main event. I know Daniel Bryan long back. Everyone knows I don’t like Daniel Bryan. But they are like my family.

Fends have arrived in the firefly fungus segment. Find first made a photo of Daniel and said about him and then showed him the opposite by showing a photo of Miz’s family. Miz has gone backstage in a rage. Midge is worried. He went backstage and called the patient and immediately asked to come there.

Wwe Raw Results :- 2nd December 2019 {Complete Matches}

Humberto Carrillo, Ricoshe, Ray Mysterio vs AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson

Ray Mysterio, Carillo and ricochet are entered while The OC Club is coming. Humberto and Anderson opened the match. After which ricochet got the tag and the two hit Anderson together. He tagged Styles as soon as Anderson got a chance.

Carillo’s condition has worsened, killing him Gallows. Carillo has tagged Mysterio. The new US champion vacated the entire ring as soon as he arrived. Mysterio was about to hit 619 that Anderson caught and pushed the pole out of the ring.

All are killing each other and ricochet and Stiles are now in the ring. Styles covers but is kicked out. Ricochet has made a counter-attack. ricochet wanted to hit Styles from the top of the ring but Styles converted that move into his finishing move and won. After the match, Styles was hit by an RKO from behind by Randy Orton and the episode ended.

Winner – The OC

The Viking Raiders Vs Local Wrestlers

This short and action-filled match was won by the Raw Tag Team Champions Viking Raiders. It seems that no one can possibly beat the Viking Raiders in the Red brand.

Winner – Viking Raiders

Charlotte Vs Kyri Sen and Asuka (2 on 1 handicap match)

All superstars have reached the ring. The match has started and Asuka and Sen attack Charlett. Charlett makes a move that the other attacks them. Charlotte has jumped on both superstars outside the ring. Charlett has now controlled a little in the match.

The Kabuki Warriors have again taken the entire match under their control. Both Kyari and Asuka are leading the match by tagging each other. Charlotte strikes the count and jumps over the Kabuki Warriors. Kairi Sen is caught in submission but Asuka kicks and then covers with a cross body but Charlett kicks out.

Asuka is hitting kicks, with Sharlet caught in submission but Asuka tries to put an armbar. Meanwhile, Charlotte hits and covers Powerbomb but Kyri Sen arrives. Asuka covered again but was kicked out. Charlotte covers Asuka by hitting double spear but is kicked out. Kairi Sen gets the tag but Sharlet doesn’t know, Charlett hits Spey and catches Asuka in submission but Kairi wins by pinning them.

Winner- Asuka and Kyari Sen

No Way Hoje Vs Eric Rowan

No Wo Hose has come with his entire team but Eric Rowan brought back the cage again. Hoje’s team wants to open the cage but Rowan hits everyone badly. Coming into the ring hit No Woh Hoje and went back with his cage to win.

Winner – Eric Rowan

Andrade vs Eric Young

Andrade is in the ring while Young is entered. Andrade continues to kill Eric. Eric Young made Andrade’s condition worse by a great attack. Eric Young covered several times but kicked out. Seeing the opportunity, Andrade won the match by hitting a double ni then DDT.


Alister Black Vs Tony Nice

Both superstars are present inside the ring, this match being small, which was won by Alastair Black. Backstage Buddy Murphy watched the match in full.

Winner-Alister Black

Drew McIntire Vs Akira Tozawa

Both superstars have reached the ring. Drew tells Tozawa to leave the match but is attacked by Tozawa. After this, Drew made Tozawa in a bad condition. In the ring, Drew picked up Tozawa and scored an easy win.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Drew challenged Randy Orton after the win. Randy Orton is now in the ring. Drew is speaking out that Randy thinks nothing of anyone before him. Which makes them angry. Randy made it clear that if there are any problems, then fix them right now. The OC Club has come out, with Stiles, Luke, Anderson all the three angering Randy Orton. Styles is also speaking out to fight. Drew left from there and left Randy with Auck Osei. The three attack Randy Orton. Ricochet has arrived as well as Humberto Carillo. This is what Ray Mysterio has also knocked.

Lana and Lashley’s Segment

Lana and Lashley are being asked what they will say about the attack on Owens. So Rusev arrives from the middle of the crowd and leaves Lashley with a superkick. Lana brought two police officers with her, they too could not do anything. Lashley is now furious at the same officer. Has Lashley been arrested, Lana, slaps the policemen, after which Lana is also arrested

Kevin Owens Vs Bobby Lashley

Owens is waiting for someone, but Lana has arrived, as Lana starts speaking, Owens tells them to shut up. Lana told that a case has been registered against Rusev and he will go to jail. Owens is getting angry and is speaking a lot to Lana.

Bobby Lashley has now come out for the match. The match has started and the two are killing each other. Outside the ring, the two are killing each other, now Lashley and Owens are in the ring again. Owens covered over Lashley but was kicked out. Lashley counters and kills Clothesline. Owens was about to kill Stunner that Lashley employed a neck breaker. Owens has put on a powerbomb, but have they come to AOP. AOP has again attacked Owens. Killing Owens has brought them to the stage. AOP dragged Owens backstage.

Seth Rollins’ Segment

Saith Rawlins arrives in the ring. I spoke highly of Survivor Series defeat to all superstars last week. But I want to say that we all did a useless job. Yes, my method was wrong but it is not my work but my home. I thought all week and I apologize to all of you because you are my family. I also apologize to Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens has been entered. I heard that you are apologizing but what happened to me was right. I know you are lying. Are these AOPs coming out?

AOP- You want to fight with us .. Why don’t we ask you to have this match tonight.

Saith Rawlins has said yes to this match but Owens says that it can be a trick as well so he will not be a part of this match. Rawlins has left the ring. Owens is talking about what to do now because I am fully prepared and the fans want to watch the match.


WWE Raw Results and Video Highlights Of 25 November 2019

The episode of Raw proved to be quite good. Fans got to see the heath character of Saith Rawlins with a lot of build-ups. Ray Mysterio fought two big matches simultaneously after Survivor Series while also winning the title.

Well, overall the show was quite good. Along with a lot of great matches, many superstars got a chance to move on. In the coming times, it can be expected that there will be some big bang in Raw.

Let’s look at the highlights of all the segments of RAW –

In the opening segment, Saith Rawlins claimed responsibility for the defeat in Survivor Series, as well as Crowd and the rest of the superstars.

Bobby Lashley and Titus O Nee were having a match that Rusev interfered with and beaten Lashley. After which Rusev was arrested by the police.

Jack Ryder – Kurt Hawkins was defeated by the Author of Pain in a tag match.

Akira Tozawa suffered a defeat against Andrade.

Matt Hardy bounced back against Buddy Murphy but suffered a defeat.




5 amazing things to watch in WWE SmackDown episode

SmackDown had a great performance in WWE’s big PPV Survivor Series. He made everyone very happy by winning the Mans Tag Team Elimination match. After this, episodes of Raw and NXT also aired which fans liked. The last 4 shows of WWE (NXT Wargames, Survivor Series, Raw, and NXT) have finished well.

Every fan will also have tremendous expectations from the episode of SmackDown after this. WWE will do something special to retain the ratings of the Blue brand. The company now has a great option to set new storylines by Royal Rumble 2020.

We saw new enemy tees happening in the episode of Raw. Something similar can also happen from an episode of SmackDown where several matches are indicated for TLC. Well, if WWE is to make the episode of SmackDown memorable then they will have to make many big surprise plans.

So we’re about to talk about 5 shocking things that could happen in an episode of SmackDown.

# 5 Challenge Bailey by returning Alexa Bliss

Alexa appeared in the tag team division for a very long time. She has appeared in a singles match on rare occasions since losing the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 2018. According to reports, she was injured for the last 1-2 months. Because of this he also lost the tag team title.

WWE should now make a fresh start with Alexa. Now WWE has a great chance to push him back as a singles superstar. It will be a big surprise if she returns to the episode of SmackDown as the Face SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bailey, for the title.

# 4 New Day Tag Team Titles Lose

New Day won the tag team championship by beating Revival some time ago. He has not had much time as a champion but he has not done a great job either.

WWE should take the titles from them soon. If a big title change is seen in SmackDown itself, it will be a big shock. In the Survivor Series, Rudd and Ziggler won, so they can demand a title match.

# 3 roman rance title picture

Roman Rance has not appeared around a championship in a long time. It has been more than 1 year since he had retained a title.

Now the WWE has the right chance to put them in the championship feud. It would be a big surprise for the fans if he gets into the storyline of the Intercontinental title during the episode of SmackDown.

# 2 Liv Morgan, become the new puppet of Brey Wyatt

Liv Morgan has been away from WWE television for a long time. WWE is not booking them properly. For some time now, this superstar has been giving many hints about the new character on his social media.

In addition, Wyatt is also going to present a new character in front of fans in the episode of SmackDown. In such a situation, if this new character belongs to Liv Morgan, then it will be very much surprised. Fans will definitely like this surprise.

# 1 Attack on The Find Before Starcade

Starcade is a huge WWE live event. Every time WWE books several big title matches for this big event. This time the match between Brey Wyatt and Bron Strowman is going to be for the Universal Championship.

In an attempt to prepare hype for the event, the company can book a big segment where the ‘Monster among men’ can attack their opponent Bray Wyatt. This is difficult to happen but the company can plan this thing to surprise the fans.

5 Big Things That Can Happen in SmackDown This Week

WWE recently delivered two tremendous PPVs such as the NXT Takeover Wargames and Survivor Series. Apart from this, the episodes of Raw and NXT were also fantastic. This has aroused interest in SmackDown in every fan’s mind. The episodes of SmackDown have always been special.

WWE has to plan many big things to make it better. At the moment, the company is getting good viewership from the Blue brand and if WWE has to continue to do so, they will have to plan a solid show.

In such a situation, we can expect a lot of great matches and segments from the episode of SmackDown. So we are going to talk about 5 big things that can happen in an episode of SmackDown.

# 5 Ziggler and Rude vs New Day

After the Survivor Series, now the difficulties of New Day have increased considerably. They will now have to defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. At the kick-off of Survivor Series, we saw how Ziegler and Rude won the Battle Royal.

He scored an important point for his team SmackDown. It is clear from this that they are going to get a tremendous booking in the coming time. With this in mind, the company may begin their push with the next episode of SmackDown.

He may debut the tag team title Feud with him facing New Day. This will be a tremendous thing for this heel team and this will also give New Day great rivals.

# 4 Shinske Nakamura has a matchbook to choose his opponent

In the episode of Raw, we got to see a Fatal 4th match whose winner got a chance for the US Championship. WWE may also plan for a similar intercontinental title.

The company may decide matches between Baron Corbin, Roman Rance, Shorty G, and Ali. The winner of this match may get a chance to match for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC. This will increase the thrill of SmackDown.

# 3 Bray Wyatt’s new character is Bron Strowman’s dummy

WWE has booked a match between Bron Strowman and The Find for the Starcade event. Apart from this, the company had announced that Wyatt is going to introduce a new character during SmackDown.

In such a situation, this new character could be the dummy of Bron Strowman. WWE may present Bron Strowman’s dummy with Wyatt to produce a little storyline before the show. The chances of this thing happening are very high.

# 2 The Miz and Daniel Bryan’s Enmity

WWE has been teasing a long storyline between Daniel Bryan and The Miz for the past few weeks. In the Survivor Series, he was warned by Miz before Brian’s match.

Both of them have given tremendous matches before and their storyline is going slow, it is clear from this that in TLC we can see matches for any stipulation.

# 1 Sasha Banks, Cheat Bailey

Both Sasha Banks and Bailey have been seen together since the draft. Recently, Bailey took a heel turn at the behest of Banks, but we may get a big surprise at SmackDown.

With this, the storyline between the two superstars will also be prepared for the title match in TLC. The fans wanted to watch the match between the two for a long time and we can see the beginning of the big match with good storylines.