3 good options and 3 bad options for Brock Lassner to be defeated by the company WWE Championship

Brock Lassner is currently part of the Raw brand and is also the WWE Champion. In the recent Survivor Series PPV, he defended his WWE title against Ray Mysterio. Even after a win in the Survivor Series, Brock Lassner’s troubles have not ended.

In the coming times, this veteran superstar will have to defend his championship on several occasions. In such a situation, WWE has the option of many superstars who can defeat The Beast and become WWE champions.

So let’s take a look at the 3 best and 3 worst options to defeat Brock Lassner for the championship.

# 3 Good Choice: Drew McIntire

Drew McIntire is a highly talented superstar. He has always received a good push by WWE. The company has not given him a single championship chance after his return.

Seeing this clearly shows that the company has a tremendous plan for them in the future. Every fan would like to see a match between Brock and Drew, which is why he is a good choice to beat The Beast and win the WWE Title.

# 3 Bad Choice: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar want to see each and every fan but this thing is not possible at the moment. Both superstars are tremendous heels, so this match is difficult.

The match will definitely be tremendous but the storyline will not be much fun. Currently, Bobby makes no sense defeating Brock for the WWE title. This match can be well organized later.

# 2 Good choice: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens and Brock Lassner have never encountered each other. Owens is currently the biggest face superstar of the Raw brand. Every fan likes them very much.

In such a situation, WWE could put Owens in a match with Brock to make him a tremendous face, besides the company does not have a better option to win the title match on The Beast.

#2 Bad Option: Sath Rollins

There have been matches on several occasions between Saith Rawlins and Brock Lassner. The biggest thing is that Rawlins has defeated The Beast 2 times. In such a situation, not every fan would like to see Rawlins again winning over Brock.

Anyway, Saith’s heel turn is going to happen in the future and it will be a bit strange to match two big heel superstars. WWE may book new superstars with The Beast instead.

# 1 Good Choice: AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Brock Lassner had a match in Survivor Series earlier, which was much liked by the fans. Styles was defeated in this match.

Every fan would like to see both superstars face to face again. Both can then provide a tremendous match for the title. This time AJ Styles can bring the belt back to full-time RAW by winning the title.

# 1 Bad choice: Randy Orton

There was a tremendous match at SummerSlam 2016 between the two legendary superstars. Every fan must have liked this match but its ending was strange. Now Orton has come to the count of WWE legend.

Randy Orton has achieved almost everything in the WWE. He has become a completely successful superstar. WWE could give Alistair Black, Ricochet, Buddy Murphy and Andrade a chance instead of Orton, which would be a great thing.