AEW Dynamite, 27 November 2019: Good and bad things of the show

An episode of AEW’s Dynamite was held. This episode of AEW went well, the company did not do much good. Apart from the start of the main event and the show, the middle segments were not very special. If seen, the company has tried to take time.

In this episode of Dynamite, AEW teased a lot of feeds and made it clear that we are going to see many great things in the coming times. Well, the show has both good and bad things. So let’s look at the good and bad things about AEW dynamite.

# 1 Good thing: MJF and DDP face to face

MJF won the Dynamite Diamond Ring by defeating Hangman Page. Legendary superstars Diamond Dallas Page came to give this ring. DDP had said that he did not like MJF winning the ring.

Apart from this, he also made fun of Wardle. Well, it was nice to see two different generation superstars in one ring and it tried to grab the attention of many fans.

# 1 Bad Thing: Amy Sakura’s Gimmick

Amy Sakura is a tremendous performer and she can deliver a lot of good matches. Despite this, he does not enjoy watching because his gimmick is quite strange. This gimmick does not suit his wrestling style.

Initially, every fan liked the gimmick with “The Freddie Mercury” but now the fans are slowly turning against it. Something similar was seen even today when he was not getting a good reaction from the audience.

# 2: Good thing John Moxley and Chris Jericho

A great match was seen between Chris Jericho and Scorpio Sky. Jericho’s attack did not stop even after the match. After this John Moxley’s entry took place and every fan was shocked to see this thing.

AEW has teased the animosity of both superstars from here. In WWE, Jericho and Moxley gave a tremendous match, now something similar can be seen here. Moxley finally gets the championship storyline.

# 2: Bad thing: Tony Schiavone’s absence

Tony is currently an important part of AEW’s announcing team. He does commentary with Jim Ross, fans love the pair a lot but Tony was not present during the show today.

Because of this, the fans could not hear this legend commentator. Perhaps this was the reason why the energy in dynamite was slightly less visible today. Hopefully next week we’ll be able to hear Tony again.

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