5 things you need to know about WWE Superstar Keith Lee

WWE fans got a solid action look in Survivor Series 2019. In this PPV, where the stars of Raw and SmackDown brands showed their fire, another star caught everyone’s attention with his in-ring work. We are talking about ‘Limitless’ Keith Lee of NXT.

Hardly anyone is impressed by Keith Lee’s in-ring work. By the way, it is often seen in WWE that underweight wrestlers use high-flying moves. Heavy wrestlers rarely do these moves. Keith Lee is a superstar who moves in such a ring even after being overweight, like a cruiserweight star showing his moves in the ring. So let’s know 5 things related to Keith:

# 1 Keith Lee was his college football star

Many stars have come from the football world in the world of pro-wrestling. Apart from him, Goldberg, Roman Rance, and Lassner have also tried their hand at football early in their careers. In his interview, he admitted that he had given up his football career in college to get into pro-wrestling so that he could enter the world of wrestling.

He then took admission in NWA’s’ Killer ‘Tim Brooks’ school to enter the world of wrestling. In an interview with The British Wrestling Revival, he said, “I always wanted to play football even further during college time but I decided to leave it because of my love of pro-wrestling.”

# 2 2008 He participated in the WWE tryout:

He participated in the WWE tryout in 2008 after earning a name in the world of Indie Wrestling. Keith did not even get a promo cut in this tryout, due to which WWE did not sign him. After which he once again went back to Indy Wrestling so that he could work on his own ring style. He did his in-ring work for 5 years in Indy Wrestling.

After that, he started using high flying moves. Today, due to his ring style, he remains a favorite of fans and is seen as the biggest stars of the NXT brand.

#3 Interested in wrestling because of her grandmother

Keith Lee has become a favorite of every wrestling fan with his in-ring work in Survivor Series 2019. Would you be surprised to know that he was not much interested in pro-wrestling but his grandmother was interested in it? Due to which he started to see pro-wrestling at a very young age.

To fulfill his grandmother’s dream, he started training from the age of 4 only. It is quite interesting that he has not even copied any Star Wrestling style. He is currently fulfilling his grandmother’s dream.

# 4 the early years were bad

Keith Lee’s early years in Texas were extremely difficult for Tim Brooks after graduating from the Wrestling Academy. During this time, he was seen only in small promotions. He himself revealed this in an interview given to ESPN. He said in his interview that despite his good in-ring work, he never got a good booking.

Because of which he was ever very frustrated. Apart from this, he had said that the local promotions never gave him money for his match but made money from his match himself. Due to which he had to face a lot of difficulties at the beginning of his career. He is currently with the WWE and is expected to join the biggest stars of the company in the coming years.

# 5 Dusty Rhodes, William Regal, Jim Ross, and Joey Mercury saved his career

After not being successful in the WWE tryout, Keith Lagatar was appearing in a small promotion in Texas. After which Dusty Rhodes, William Regal, Jim Ross, and Joey Mercury asked him to appear in the NWA and Ring of Honor. After which he started appearing in NWA and ROH shows. After joining ROH, there was a big change in his career and he joined the big stars of the company.

He was also the tag team champion with Shane Taylor during his time at ROH. After being in ROH for several years, he was finally signed by WWE and he is currently a part of the Yellow brand.

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