5 reasons why Ray Mysterio defeated AJ Styles to win the United States Championship

After the Survivor Series, once again, all eyes were on the Raw show. This time the fans got to see many big upsets in the show. In which the biggest vicissitudes were seen as Ray Mysterio. While Ray Mysterio has defeated AJ Styles for the second time this year in the United States Championship, he was not even a part of the title match this week but The OC attacked Hamburgo Carillo backstage, leaving him out of the match. I had done it. After which Ray took his place.

After which he defeated Styles and won the United States Belt. So let’s know the 5 reasons why WWE made this decision.

# 1 To stay interested in Survivor Series

After any PPV, fans are always interested in his next show. For this reason, after this Survivor Series, the eyes of the fans were fixed on Raw. This time WWE did not disappoint their fans in any way and the fans got to see some new fights. While the show introduced the feud between Saith and Owens, on the show, Ray proved himself once again.

He won the US Championship for the second time this year by defeating AJ Styles on the show. After winning their title, the fans are once again eyeing the ray. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how WWE books them in the coming times.

# 2 For the Champion vs Champion match at the Royal Rumble

It is highly unlikely that WWE Champion Lassner will defend his title in TLC PPV as he has not yet defended his belt in this event. He will make his next title defense at the Royal Rumble 2020. In such a situation, WWE can now forward Ray for his next title defender, in which he can also defend in his United States Championship.

There may be a lot of interest among the fans about this match as the fans also liked the match of these two during Survivor Series. In such a situation, WWE will have the chance to book this match as Champion vs Champion match.

# 3 Giving Ray Mysterio another title run

The feud was spotted between him and Samoa Joe earlier this year for the United States Championship. The match between Ray and Joe was seen at WrestleMania, in which Ray lost. He then won the title in Money in the Bank PPV. However, after that, he had to give up his title due to injury. After which Samoa Joe and AJ Styles have been United States champions.

Before his injury, WWE was expected to give him a long title run. But due to his injury, he later had to change his plan. Now that he is back after an injury, WWE can give him the old title run.

# 4 To include AJ Styles in the main event picture

AJ Styles has been the most trusted star for WWE for some time. In such a situation, WWE may once again decide to bring him in the main event picture. After losing the United States Championship, WWE can now push Styles as Raw’s biggest stars.

After coming to their main event, now fans can also see some interesting fades as Sath has been getting mixed reactions continuously for some time. Due to which WWE can now book Styles as the biggest face of Raw as well. For the moment it will be interesting to see how the company books them in the coming times.

# 5 gift of a memorable match with Brock Lassner

There was an exciting match between Lassner and Ray in Survivor Series. This is one of the few matches of Lassner in which he has been in the ring for a long time. On the other hand, in this match, Ray also played his underdog character very beautifully. Many of the spots in this match were highly memorable, including his and his son’s beating of Lassner with his trademark move 619.

Because of this memorable match, WWE may have thought of making him the champion once again as Ray proved that he can still do magic in the ring.

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