5 Big Things That Can Happen in SmackDown This Week

WWE recently delivered two tremendous PPVs such as the NXT Takeover Wargames and Survivor Series. Apart from this, the episodes of Raw and NXT were also fantastic. This has aroused interest in SmackDown in every fan’s mind. The episodes of SmackDown have always been special.

WWE has to plan many big things to make it better. At the moment, the company is getting good viewership from the Blue brand and if WWE has to continue to do so, they will have to plan a solid show.

In such a situation, we can expect a lot of great matches and segments from the episode of SmackDown. So we are going to talk about 5 big things that can happen in an episode of SmackDown.

# 5 Ziggler and Rude vs New Day

After the Survivor Series, now the difficulties of New Day have increased considerably. They will now have to defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. At the kick-off of Survivor Series, we saw how Ziegler and Rude won the Battle Royal.

He scored an important point for his team SmackDown. It is clear from this that they are going to get a tremendous booking in the coming time. With this in mind, the company may begin their push with the next episode of SmackDown.

He may debut the tag team title Feud with him facing New Day. This will be a tremendous thing for this heel team and this will also give New Day great rivals.

# 4 Shinske Nakamura has a matchbook to choose his opponent

In the episode of Raw, we got to see a Fatal 4th match whose winner got a chance for the US Championship. WWE may also plan for a similar intercontinental title.

The company may decide matches between Baron Corbin, Roman Rance, Shorty G, and Ali. The winner of this match may get a chance to match for the Intercontinental Championship at TLC. This will increase the thrill of SmackDown.

# 3 Bray Wyatt’s new character is Bron Strowman’s dummy

WWE has booked a match between Bron Strowman and The Find for the Starcade event. Apart from this, the company had announced that Wyatt is going to introduce a new character during SmackDown.

In such a situation, this new character could be the dummy of Bron Strowman. WWE may present Bron Strowman’s dummy with Wyatt to produce a little storyline before the show. The chances of this thing happening are very high.

# 2 The Miz and Daniel Bryan’s Enmity

WWE has been teasing a long storyline between Daniel Bryan and The Miz for the past few weeks. In the Survivor Series, he was warned by Miz before Brian’s match.

Both of them have given tremendous matches before and their storyline is going slow, it is clear from this that in TLC we can see matches for any stipulation.

# 1 Sasha Banks, Cheat Bailey

Both Sasha Banks and Bailey have been seen together since the draft. Recently, Bailey took a heel turn at the behest of Banks, but we may get a big surprise at SmackDown.

With this, the storyline between the two superstars will also be prepared for the title match in TLC. The fans wanted to watch the match between the two for a long time and we can see the beginning of the big match with good storylines.

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