5 amazing things to watch in WWE SmackDown episode

SmackDown had a great performance in WWE’s big PPV Survivor Series. He made everyone very happy by winning the Mans Tag Team Elimination match. After this, episodes of Raw and NXT also aired which fans liked. The last 4 shows of WWE (NXT Wargames, Survivor Series, Raw, and NXT) have finished well.

Every fan will also have tremendous expectations from the episode of SmackDown after this. WWE will do something special to retain the ratings of the Blue brand. The company now has a great option to set new storylines by Royal Rumble 2020.

We saw new enemy tees happening in the episode of Raw. Something similar can also happen from an episode of SmackDown where several matches are indicated for TLC. Well, if WWE is to make the episode of SmackDown memorable then they will have to make many big surprise plans.

So we’re about to talk about 5 shocking things that could happen in an episode of SmackDown.

# 5 Challenge Bailey by returning Alexa Bliss

Alexa appeared in the tag team division for a very long time. She has appeared in a singles match on rare occasions since losing the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam 2018. According to reports, she was injured for the last 1-2 months. Because of this he also lost the tag team title.

WWE should now make a fresh start with Alexa. Now WWE has a great chance to push him back as a singles superstar. It will be a big surprise if she returns to the episode of SmackDown as the Face SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bailey, for the title.

# 4 New Day Tag Team Titles Lose

New Day won the tag team championship by beating Revival some time ago. He has not had much time as a champion but he has not done a great job either.

WWE should take the titles from them soon. If a big title change is seen in SmackDown itself, it will be a big shock. In the Survivor Series, Rudd and Ziggler won, so they can demand a title match.

# 3 roman rance title picture

Roman Rance has not appeared around a championship in a long time. It has been more than 1 year since he had retained a title.

Now the WWE has the right chance to put them in the championship feud. It would be a big surprise for the fans if he gets into the storyline of the Intercontinental title during the episode of SmackDown.

# 2 Liv Morgan, become the new puppet of Brey Wyatt

Liv Morgan has been away from WWE television for a long time. WWE is not booking them properly. For some time now, this superstar has been giving many hints about the new character on his social media.

In addition, Wyatt is also going to present a new character in front of fans in the episode of SmackDown. In such a situation, if this new character belongs to Liv Morgan, then it will be very much surprised. Fans will definitely like this surprise.

# 1 Attack on The Find Before Starcade

Starcade is a huge WWE live event. Every time WWE books several big title matches for this big event. This time the match between Brey Wyatt and Bron Strowman is going to be for the Universal Championship.

In an attempt to prepare hype for the event, the company can book a big segment where the ‘Monster among men’ can attack their opponent Bray Wyatt. This is difficult to happen but the company can plan this thing to surprise the fans.

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