4 superstars who could become WWE faces by replacing Seth Rollins in 2020

There have been many changes in WWE in the last few months. Many things have changed, from Arena to Heal and Babyface Turn. Even commentators to champions have changed but the “top star” of the company has not changed.

Saith Rawlins took over as his shield brother in October 2018 after Roman Rance left WWE. Since then, the main event storyline was revolving around ‘Beast Slayer’. He became the company’s biggest superstar in no time.

He is a tremendous performer and this year has only been for Saith Rawlins. After losing the Universal title, he is constantly getting a boo from fans. In the Raw episode, Sath Rawlins called a meeting of the entire Raw roster after a big defeat in Survivor Series.

During this, he humiliated many superstars. After this, it was clear that his heel was about to turn. His performance in the main event also seemed like he was going to be a heel soon.

In such a situation, the company needs a new babyface which can then become the top star of the company like John Cena used to do till a few years ago. So we are going to talk about 4 superstars, who should become the next top star of the company instead of Saith Rawlins.

# 1 backy lynch

Lynch is currently the biggest superstar in the women’s division. He gets tremendous cheers from the fans, recently he also did the WrestleMania Main Event. She is the top star of the women’s division but now WWE should make this superstar the next face of the company.

She can easily replace Rawlins. Becky is just 32 years old and can serve as WWE’s face for a long time. WWE must now make a major decision.

# 2 Bailey

Bailey went from Raw to SmackDown after the WWE Superstars shakeup. After this, his career changed completely. She has now become the top female superstar of SmackDown. She is currently the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion and is doing well.

Recently, Belly Face became a heel and her heel turn was going well, but during the buildup in Survivor Series, she looked a bit weak as a heel. WWE could then book them as a top babyface in a few months, then changing their character.

Bailey has been a ‘natural babyface’ since the beginning and if the company gives her a big push, she could become the company’s biggest superstar in the coming years.

# 3 Roman Rance

Roman Rance played the company’s ‘poster boy’ for many years. After leaving the WWE due to illness, the company made Seth Rawlins the next face. Now Rawlins is not getting a good reaction, in such a situation WWE can again go to the old top star.

Roman Rance is a great locker room leader with a tremendous in-ring performer. He showed his leadership in the recent Survivor Series when he single-handedly won Team SmackDown.

This was a very big thing and the fans are also now liking Roman Rance. WWE is looking for a new face and they cannot have a better option than Roman Rance who can take the company on his own.

# 4 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is a tremendous superstar, able to deliver consistently good matches. Recently he has given great matches with Adam Cole, The Find and Buddy Murphy. Till a few years ago, he was the top babyface of the company but after taking retirement his Momentum deteriorated.

Daniel became Brian Heal upon his return. Shortly before, his face turned and according to reports, the company is planning to make him a top babyface. In such a situation, WWE has a great option to be the face of the company.

This superstar never gets a bad reaction from the fans. WWE can take advantage of that and make Daniel Bryan a top star for the next few years. This will greatly benefit the company.

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